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Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

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SEL Focus: Decision making is a skill to teach, practice and develop

Fourth Nine-Weeks Focus: Responsible Decision Making/Choices

Teens, as well as adults, make many decisions throughout a day. Some decisions may be as small as choosing where to sit in class, other decisions may be bigger and directly impact the teen’s wellbeing and/or future plans. Decision making is a skill that can be taught, practiced and developed. According to the article “A Parent’s Guide to Why Teens Make Bad Decisions”, there are “six key steps” parents can do to support their teen in making better decisions. “Present scenarios which may present a risk” to your teen and discuss safe ways to handle the situation. For example, if there is a party where peers are vaping or becoming intoxicated, what would your teen do? Having critical conversations with our teens helps them learn to make good decisions and creates confident emotionally healthy adults.

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Dr. Leonard has stressed the importance of creating a safe learning environment for all children - an environment that fosters respecting all, caring for each other, communicating in a civil manner, and listening well while always being kind. Cultivating kindness is part of becoming socially aware and of learning to be empathetic...

Teaching our youth resilience can be equated to the metaphor of a tree. Trees need things from their environment to grow healthy and strong just as our youth depend on their environment to develop and mature. Self-Awareness makes it possible for teens to make decisions, plan for the future and understand their own emotions...

As we begin the 2018-2019 school year, students are getting to know new teachers and new classmates. As parents and educators, our wish is for our teens to build strong positive relationships with the adults and peers they encounter. Social and emotional learning (SEL) helps students...

One way to support your teen in growing into a successful adult is to teach responsible decision making.

Empathy is being able to understand and value someone else’s perspective and having compassion for others even when they are different from ourselves.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) focus highlights self-awareness and self-management. Part of being self-aware is knowing one’s own interests, values, and skills. Building autonomy, competence, and connection with our kids develops self-reliant, competent and resilient adults.

Practicing these skills with your teen can help them better-understand the intricacies of social interactions and relationships

In order to help your Chap practice better self-regulation skills and become more self-aware, "discuss ways to prioritize and sequence" electronic communication.

"The clearest message that we get from this 75-year study is this: Good relationships keep us happier and healthier."

Children learn self-management skills and resiliency by having the opportunity to think for themselves.

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