Eanes ISD

Serving Students with Dyslexia

The students will be using the Wilson Reading System for instruction. The Wilson Reading System (WRS) is the flagship program of Wilson Language Training and the foundation of all other Wilson programs. Based on Orton-Gillingham principles, WRS is a highly-structured remedial program that directly teaches the structure of the language to students who may require multi-sensory language instruction.

Program Highlights

  • Offers a research-based program with more than twenty years of data collected and analyzed from school districts implementing the program.
  • Provides a systematic and cumulative approach to teach total word structure for decoding and encoding. 
  • Follows a ten-part lesson plan that addresses decoding, encoding, oral reading fluency, and comprehension in a sensible and logical fashion.
  • Aids teachers by making all instruction multisensory and interactive.
  • Uses a unique “sound tapping” system. 
  • Uses criterion-based assessments built into the program to measure student progress and success.
  • Is a comprehensive program that can follow students from grade to grade.

Instruction for Dyslexia

  1. District programs for dyslexia, whether housed in general education or special education, meet the guidelines for dyslexia instruction found in “The Dyslexia Handbook” published by TEA.
  2. The district has adopted the Wilson Reading Program as its general education program for serving students who are having challenges in learning to read due to dyslexia. A student who is making adequate progress in that program and does not need additional modifications or additions to that instruction may be appropriately served through the general education dyslexia program/504. (The Dyslexia Handbook; “To the Administrator Addressed” letter from TEA dated June 6, 2018)
  3. Students who need specially designed instruction that is tailored to their unique needs and challenges in learning to read or need additional academic supports because of their challenges in reading or other factors identified by the evaluation may be more appropriately served through special education. IDEA defines specially designed instruction as “adapting, as appropriate to the needs of an eligible child under this part, the content, methodology or delivery of instruction (i) to address the unique needs of the child that result from the child’s disability; and (ii) to ensure access of the child to the general curriculum, so that the child can meet the educational standards within the jurisdiction of the public agency that apply to all children.” (Section 300.39(b)(3) of Title 34, Code of Federal Regulations [CFR])


Students currently receiving dyslexia services through 504

  1. If a student is making appropriate progress in the general education Wilson Reading Program and is able to access general education curriculum with accommodations specified in their 504 plan, it is appropriate for them to continue receiving dyslexia instruction through the general education program.
  2. If at anytime, the student is not making sufficient progress in the reading program or they appear to need additional supports and services designed to meet their unique needs, the 504 Committee should make a referral for a special education evaluation.