Eanes ISD

HB5 Student and Community Engagement

In the 83rd Legislative Session, the Legislature passed House Bill 5 relating to public school accountability, including assessment and curriculum requirements. Within the bill, Section 46 required each district to assign a performance rating of exemplary, recognized, acceptable, or unacceptable for the district and each of its campuses for overall performance and nine individual factors.

The nine factors include:

  • Fine arts
  • Wellness and physical education
  • Community and parent involvement
  • 21st Workforce development program
  • 2nd language acquisition
  • Digital language acquisition program
  • Dropout prevention strategies
  • Educational programs for GT students
  • Compliance with statutory reporting and policy requirements

The evaluation of performance in community and student engagement gives school districts an opportunity to showcase where they are excelling and where there is room for improvement, evaluating districts in areas other than standardized testing. The assessment is an opportunity to highlight community values, which are varied across the state and sometimes within a district.


Who makes up your local committee?
Each Campus Leadership team (CLT) used the tool to both self-evaluate and to set goals for the coming year. Early on, the decision was made by campus leaders that in order for the process to be productive, campuses needed to tell the story of our successes and to set goals where we want to grow. Ultimately, Eanes ISD used its existing District Leadership Team (DLT), which consisted of parents, teachers, principals and staff to serve as the local committee.

How did the committee develop measures to meet the nine factors that must be evaluated?

The committee developed an evaluation rubric based on exemplary, recognized, acceptable and unacceptable descriptors. Committee chairs first presented the recommended criteria and evaluation rubrics to school principals in March, who in turn presented it to their Campus Leadership Teams (CLTs) in which to gather input. The input was shared with the Curriculum team in April, and was then finalized. The final criteria and evaluation rubrics were then reviewed and approved by the District Leadership Team.

Eanes ISD campuses have a long history of exemplary ratings from the state. We used criteria based on stretch goals that helped us evaluate how we can become even better. A campus must achieve a certain number of indicators in order to earn a rating of Exemplary, Recognized or Acceptable on each of the nine factors.

In May, the CLTs completed the campus evaluation using the DLT-approved criteria and rubrics. The DLT reviewed and accepted the campus ratings and completed the district rating at the end of May. The full campus evaluations were released in August.