Eanes ISD


Can the district locate or track my iPad if it’s lost/stolen?

The district can locate the iPad IF it’s connected to WiFi and it’s still connected within the district. If the iPad is off, not connect to WiFi, or is outside the district it cannot be tracked through Eanes but you may be able to locate it with the “Find my iPad” application.

What do I do if my iPad or ClamCase is lost/stolen?

  • If you enabled “Find my iPad” in the iCloud application in settings. Log in to your iCloud through a computer to try and locate the device.
  • If it was lost within the district, stop by the library, they will be able to start the process of trying to track it.
  • If the device was stolen, file a police report. Bring a copy of the case # and report to the Help Desk/Juice Bar.
  • The Help Desk/Juice Bar will apply the charges to your family access account where the fees can be paid to receive a replacement device.

What is the process if my iPad or ClamCase is damaged?

  • Bring your iPad/ClamCase to the Help Desk/Juice Bar they will assess the damages for charges or possibly warranty coverage.
  • If applicable, the tech will apply a charge to your family access account where the fees can be paid to receive a replacement device.

I’ve decided I want insurance, can I purchase insurance during the school year?

Yes, insurance may be purchased once at any time during the school year. Please visit the Help Desk during lunch hours with the iPad and Clamcase. A Technology Support Specialist will assess the device to make sure it's clear of any damages before the insurance charge is applied to your Family Access Account. Once the charge is applied you have a few days to make the payment on your family access account to start coverage.

Where can I view my iPad charges or pay for my damaged, lost, or stolen device?

Charges can be viewed on your Family Access account. Payments can be made by credit card through your Family Access account or by cash or check on your campus.