Eanes ISD

5th Grade iPad Take-Home Initiative

Fifth Grade is such an interesting year of transitions and changes for students and families alike. Then they begin middle school! In middle school, students take their iPads home on a daily basis, including over the weekend. In 2016 the Digital Learning Task Force (DLTF) made up of parents, students and staff indicated that additional practice taking their iPad home in 5th Grade would be tremendously helpful in strengthening skills such as organization and responsibility. To help our families and students be prepared for this new level of access, the district has kicked off the 5th Grade iPad Take-Home Initiative. This project is designed to help students slowing ease into the responsibility of taking home a school-issued device for limited and purposeful instances later this semester.
Watch the recording of the district presentation below along with additional resources to help your family with this transition in responsibility as your child enters the middle school years.



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