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Eanes ISD always works to help students learn and prepare for the future workplace. Our district graduate profile was created to help guide our students towards becoming well-rounded, healthy citizens. Two initiatives that help further those goals are our SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) Initiative and our LEAP (Learning and Engaging through Access and Personalization) Program. With our SEL Initiative, we are working with students on the 5 key skills of SEL success via the CASEL - the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning. These skills include self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making. The role of technology in our lives often intertwines with each of these 5 skills and is part of the reason why we not only support the effective use of technology in our schools, but embrace it through the work of our LEAP Program and being a part of the Future Ready Schools pledge.

Parents in the 21st century are faced with many decisions when it comes to raising children, especially regarding technology. In recognizing every child and every family is different, we created this page as a resource to help parents with decisions around technology and its effects on social and emotional learning. As part of the LEAP Program, Eanes ISD provides managed devices (iPads) to all K-12 students and has the following guidelines regarding personal devices (such as smart phones) in our schools:

Elementary - students are permitted to bring personal technology, but it cannot be used during the school day except for emergencies.

Middle School - students are permitted to bring personal technology, but it should remain in backpacks or lockers and should not be accessed during the school day, except for emergencies and/or special activities/lessons that involve personal technology.

High School - students are permitted to bring personal technology, but should monitor their usage and ensure it is not a distraction to the teaching and learning taking place in the classroom.

Any students that choose to bring personal technology must also adhere to our Responsible Use Guidelines for technology usage, signed during school registration.

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