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Eanes ISD


Mentorship is a project-based research course in which students learn about occupations and develop focused career ideas and opinions.

Students work in non-paid internships with a mentor in a career field of interest two hours per week. Internships exist in a variety of fields including engineering, law, medicine, communications, education, advertising, accounting, graphic design, veterinary, film, music, fashion, firefighting, architecture, aerospace, physical therapy, radio broadcast, law enforcement, lobbying, science lab studies, interior design, hotel management, marketing & PR, ministry, photography, real estate, and more.

Students engage in meaningful workplace conversations, attend meetings, conduct research, interview professionals, perform work tasks, and create a variety of products. Mentorship curriculum includes elements of employment professionalism, time management, effective oral and written communication, interpersonal skills, interviewing, and goal setting to help prepare students for success in future college and career life.