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Eanes ISD

Epicure Academy

About the Epicure Academy

Instruction and learning activities are provided in a food lab using hands-on experiences, including guest speakers from local chefs and food entrepreneurs. Students will learn all about the food industry culminating in a student-designed and managed restaurant. This program provides students the opportunity to:

  • prepare and share food with others to build community, gain hospitality management and food production skills
  • acquire career-oriented, entrepreneurship skills necessary in hospitality management, marketing, and operations
  • blend physics and chemistry to transform tastes and textures of food; Molecular Gastronomy
  • analyze what impact you can have on the world through your food consumption and food waste management
  • learn how to lead healthier lives through technique & nutrition
  • learn and apply professional standards of ethics, food safety and employability skills
epicure academy


We are looking for volunteers for the following roles: Guest speakers, Startup Judges and Mentors.

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