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Eanes ISD

Pre-AP/AP Placement

Courses are designed to challenge motivated students to understand rigorous content. The coursework requires students to engage in independent and analytical assignments.

Pre-AP courses are offered in English and Math in the Middle School Setting. They are designed to prepare students for high school Pre-AP and Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

AP courses are college-level courses taught in a high school setting. At the end of each AP course an AP Exam is given. Qualifying scores on the AP exams can enable students to receive college credit and/or advanced standing at a university or college.

Students who experience success in these courses typically exhibit the following personal and academic characteristics:

  • have a clear connection to the vocabulary, skills, concepts, or habits of mind necessary for success.
  • are good problem solvers in everyday situations.
  • have developed strong learning/study habits.
  • display emotional maturity when frustrated; show perseverance when challenged.
  • have strong/mastered math facts/fluency.
  • have strong values of learning; are self-motivated.
  • think deeply and communicate math ideas.
  • are reflective and evaluate their own work.