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Eanes ISD

Advanced & Accelerated

We have many programs aimed to challenge each student.

Eanes ISD continues its long-standing commitment to providing differentiated instruction by providing advanced and accelerated academic options to all students. Advanced Academics in Eanes ISD propels students toward college, career, and life readiness. Our Accelerated Academics provide students an opportunity to move ahead on an academic pathway or course sequence.  When selecting courses, parents and students should be mindful of their child’s academic abilities, interests, future plans, work ethic, and schedule requirements. Short and long-term student comprehension, confidence, and academic success are fundamental to our advanced and acceleration philosophy. Eanes ISD believes all students should have the opportunity to participate in a rigorous and challenging curriculum with instruction that prepares them for postsecondary success. To discuss your student’s options please reach out to your student's assigned campus counselor.