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You are here: Home / Transfers / Transfer FAQ's

Transfer FAQ's

Get your questions answered about the Student Transfer Process for Eanes ISD (Updated 3/08/2016) Please note: to read all questions please click on the "View entire FAQ Expanded" link to the right.

Initial Transfer Process Questions

  1. What grade levels are accepting transfer students?
  2. What campuses are accepting transfer students?
  3. What are the different transfer types and what do they mean?
  4. Are all students who apply for transfer to Eanes ISD accepted?
  5. How do you determine how many transfer students Eanes ISD will accept?
  6. How many transfers do you accept each year? What is the percent of transfer applications that are accepted each year?
  7. Is there a transfer fee or tuition for transferring into the Eanes school district?
  8. We live in the Eanes ISD school district boundaries. My child is currently attending a private school. We will be transferring back to Eanes ISD starting next Fall. Would my child be considered a transfer and do I need to complete a transfer application?
  9. We live in Eanes ISD boundaries and our child currently attends an Eanes ISD campus. We are moving out of the District, can our child still attend Eanes?
  10. We own land within the boundaries of Eanes ISD school and pay school taxes to Eanes ISD. Can our children attend Eanes ISD schools next year on the basis of our property?
  11. We are moving to the Austin area. Do we complete student enrollment paperwork or submit a Transfer request?
  12. We are in the process of purchasing a house in Eanes ISD but we don’t know if it will be complete by the first of school. What do we do?
  13. We are considering purchasing a house and we are not sure if it is in the Eanes ISD boundaries. How can we check?

Specific Transfer Application Questions

  1. Where do I turn in the completed transfer application?
  2. We see that there is a place to request up to four campuses and we could request any/all campuses if we want. If we want to attend one specific school can we only write down that one campus?
  3. How can I increase my chances of getting selected as a transfer to Eanes ISD?
  4. What if I have a preference for an elementary school that I want my child to attend but I will consider other campuses if they have openings?
  5. I selected three elementary campuses but I really want our first choice. How can I make sure that my child is considered for our first preference before the other campuses have access to our application?
  6. Can I turn in the transfer application and then get the other required documentation to you later?
  7. My child does not have any discipline issues during the current school year so I don’t have anything to turn in to you.

Transfer Application Fee

  1. Is the transfer application fee new?
  2. Who must pay the transfer application fee?
  3. Do all transfer applications require a transfer application fee?
  4. How much is the transfer fee?
  5. Is there a discount for multiple students in a family?
  6. Is the transfer application fee a one-time fee?
  7. What about returning transfers? Do they have to pay the fee or are they grandfathered in?
  8. What if our transfer application does not get approved, do we get our application fee back?
  9. Does Eanes ISD charge tuition? Will the application fee be applied to our tuition?
  10. Will you process the transfer application before the transfer application fee is paid?
  11. Can we pay the transfer application fee once our transfer application has been approved?
  12. What if we are transfer students for only a portion of the year? Is our application fee prorated based on the amount of the school year we are transfers?
  13. What forms of payment are accepted for the transfer application fee?
  14. Which method of payment is preferred?
  15. Where and how do we pay our transfer application fee?
  16. If I pay my transfer application fee early and then turn in the completed transfer application later, will my application be processed with the date the application fee was paid or the date the application was submitted?
  17. How do I show that I have paid the application fee when I turn in the application?