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You are here: Home / Newsletters / Superintendent Newsletters / The Chaparral Shuffle

The Chaparral Shuffle

October 6, 2016

The Chaparral Shuffle
The Chaparral Shuffle
Before moving here from Chicago, I had heard of the legendary intensity of Texas high school football and how football players are the stars of the community. Having now been around a couple of years and experiencing Westlake Chaparral football at its finest, I have come to realize that yes, there are stars on the football field, but even more so, there are amazing stars on the periphery, who may not get as many accolades.
Stars such as senior Conner Beasley, the current President of the Westlake Technical Entertainment Crew and President of the Chaparral Football Television Broadcast Crew. Conner leads a crew of 24 students as they provide hundreds of live camera shots and instant replays for the crowd at each home game. His team creates a professional-level television broadcast of every varsity football game, home and away, that is broadcast statewide.
There is also senior Kelsey Richardson, the 2016-2017 Band President. Kelsey is talented, dedicated, reliable and motivated - she is a true servant leader who leads by example. Her peers respond to her enthusiastic participation, outstanding leadership, engaging personality and positive attitude.
And senior Gabbi Martinez, who plays libero and is a captain of the WHS volleyball team. She leads the team both on and off the court, and is a tenacious defensive specialist. Gabbi has committed to play volleyball at Marquette next year.
Another star is senior Hyline captain Julia Lissy, who leads her 61-member team everyday with beauty and grace. Julia is a three-year member on Hyline and is also a three-year member on Hyline's prestigious Jazz Company. She is considering the University of Texas or Texas A&M.
These are just a few of our student stars; there are way too many to list.
As I have seen in my previous districts, the high school is the focal point of the community. Friday night lights becomes a community event, and the buzz that surrounds the area is electrifying. The excitement infuses into the school and recently provided some inspiration to our Westlake Film students, who put together this piece based on a classic moment in the Chicago area.
Click image for video
Heading into Friday’s volleyball and football games against Lake Travis, I am beaming with pride in our students’ accomplishments. If you are going to the games, take note of all of our students who are supporting in some capacity. Make sure their effort is equally appreciated as those playing.
Go Chaps!

Dr. Tom Leonard |