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You are here: Home / Facilities Master Plan / Events


All residents are encouraged to participate. With everyone's participation and voice, we can better ensure a bright future for our children, our schools and all residents.


Previous Events

Symposium #1 - First Facilities Master Plan Meeting. Attendees watched video clips and participated in discussions of innovative schools from across the nation The focus was to start the process to ensure we have the most effective cutting-edge, all-encompassing infrastructure to support our students, our staff and this community as a while; February 2013

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Symposium #2 - Community Forum and Special Meeting of the Board. Community members participated in a discussion about facilities goals and learn about the highlights and challenges of all EISD schools through a virtual speed tour; April 11, 2013

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Symposium #3: Planning Assumptions & Scenario Development   
Learn about critical EISD facility master planning topics ranging from instructional & academic experiences and enriching opportunities needs to demographics assessments & campus site analysis. Next steps will include a synthesis of all of the background information gathered to date in order to co-creatively generate a set of District-wide Scenarios; May 15, 2013

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Symposium #4
June 20th

Task Force: within the framework of whole-district scenario(s) from Symposium 3, each school/building will work at tables in workshop mode to design concepts that address their 'big priorities' (developed in Symposium 2).  Cuningham/Fields facilitates the creative exercise, providing a kit of parts to help each site incorporate the facility principles and standards.

Community Event (all community invited): Participate in a review of work-in-progress master planning solutions in conjunction with the Master Plan Advisory & Task Force Committees. Includes facilitated discussion.

Watch Community Forum #4


Symposium #5:   
Week of September 9th -  3-day

Day 1. Task Force: Master Planning Team presents developed site and plan concepts and order-of magnitude costing for each site, with discussion and comment following each.  6-hour session.

Day 2. MP Team work day to revise diagrams per comments.

Day 3. Task Force: Given the revised schemes, the group sets priorities and potential phasing of projects district-wide into 3, 6 and 10-year time frames.



Missed a Facilities Master Plan meeting? Watch a recording on our YouTube Playlist: