Eanes ISD

Parent Working Group

Working Group Purpose

The purpose of the Sped Parent Working Group (SPWG) is to share information from the special education department and gather stakeholder input regarding special education in Eanes ISD. The working group will provide input on department events such as Meet and Greets, Symposiums, trainings, and other community offerings. They will serve as one of several conduits between the parent community and special education administration related to other issues around special education.

Working Group Composition

The working group will consist of approximately 8 parents of students in special education in Eanes ISD. The parent representatives will be from several campuses spanning kinder through ATS and will be comprised of parents whose children have a variety of disabilities. The Executive Director of Special Education, in consultation with other parents, campus administration, and special education administration will invite parents to participate in the working group. The Executive Director of Special Education and the Transition Specialist/Family Liaison will be the standing district representatives on the working group. Other professionals may be brought in for topic specific discussions. The parent representatives may serve for a two-year term on the working group.

Parent RepresentativesSpecial Education Administration
Serve as stakeholder member representing the identified perspective to the working groupLead and facilitate SPWG meetings -- including establishing meeting schedules
Communicate agenda itemsFinalize and communicate agendas
Participate in discussions and provide feedback related to review of information, effectiveness of current activities, direction for the future and target settingServe as a resource for the working group and share information about district special education programs
Bring areas of focus or concern from larger communityFacilitate district forums to respond to identified focus areas and establish plans for implementation of new practices or initiatives
Observe meeting normsObserve meeting norms

  • Allow all group members to have a voice
  • Observe confidentiality
  • One person speaks at a time
  • Be open and honest
  • Respect diversity within the group and within the parent community at large
  • Listen to each other with respect
  • Work hard towards the goals
  • Set cell phone to vibrate
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