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You are here: Home / DEPARTMENTS / Human Resources / Benefits / Financial Benefits
You are here: Home / DEPARTMENTS / Human Resources / Benefits / Financial Benefits

Financial Benefits

The following financial benefits are offered by the district:



$42,000 - $63,700


$44,000 - $65,700


$45,000 - $66,700

Stipends are paid to individuals who participate in various assigned co/extracurricular activities. Eanes ISD has one of the highest salary schedules for teachers in the Central Texas area.


Local and State Days

Each year personnel accrue leave composed of local and state leave days, with each category accruing at a rate of one-half day for each eighteen days of employment. The typical teacher would earn five days local leave and five days state leave for a total of ten days per year. Local days may accumulate to a maximum of ninety and there is no limit on the accrual of state days.


Payment for Accumulated Leave

Retirees and resignations with ten or more creditable years of service with Eanes ISD may be paid the daily rate of a sub up to the maximum of ninety days for each local day of leave in the employee's leave balance for which there is also a state day in the employee's leave balance.


 Direct Deposit

Paychecks are automatically deposited in the bank of your choice.  We offer direct deposit into a primary account and the option to deposit specified amounts to two additional accounts, for a total not to exceed three accounts.  This can be checking and or savings accounts.  


Financial Planning Programs

Optional 403(b) and Section 457 investment plans and Cafe 125 pre-tax benefit plan

403(b) Universal Availability Notice


Teacher Retirement System of Texas

TRS provides substantial pension, death and disability benefits to Texas public school employees. When retirement requirements have been met, TRS pays lifetime annuities using the following formula:

1. Average of highest three annual salaries

2. Total years of creditable service multiplied by 2.3%

3. Average salary (1 above) x total percent (2 above)

Please visit the TRS web site for further details: .


Deferment, Forgiveness, Cancellation of School Loans

Borrowers of certain U.S. Department of Education loans may qualify for deferment or cancellation of all or part of their loans for teaching service in a designated teacher shortage area, depending on the type of loans and when the loans were made. Current shortage areas in Texas are Mathematics, Special Education, Bilingual/ESL, Science, Foreign Language (languages other than English) and Technology Applications.




The Eanes Independent School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate because of age, race, color, creed, religion, handicap, sex or national origin in the educational programs or activities which it operates, including employment therein.