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The Eanes ISD bond program works as part of a comprehensive plan for District facilities and personnel. Bond money and Maintenance and Operations (M&O) money are in two separate buckets, but they work hand-in-hand.

On the M&O side, for every $2 collected from taxpayers, Eanes ISD keeps approximately $0.90. This is because Eanes ISD is categorized by the state as a “property-wealthy” district. As a result, approximately 55 percent of the M&O taxes received by Eanes is taken by the State of Texas under the “Robin Hood” plan for redistribution to other school districts. The remaining 45 percent of M&O money pays for salaries, which in the case of Eanes ISD, comprise approximately 85 percent of the budget.

On the bond side, for every $1 received, Eanes ISD keeps 100 percent. Bond money cannot be used for teacher salaries; however, bond money can be used to pay certain capital expenses that might otherwise be funded from M&O money so that more funds are available for salaries. Bond money is used for capital repairs, buses and technology.

Strategy 3 of the District's Strategic Plan says that “We will promote and support a robust digital-age learning environment to inspire student learning and creativity.” By purchasing new computers and other technology with bond funds instead of M&O funds, M&O funds can be preserved for other uses including teacher salaries.

Please see projects, FAQ's, updates and information on the current and on previous bond programs, listed on the left navigation bar.


Los documentos se encuentran disponible en las oficinas del Edificio Central de la Administración del Distrito Escolar de Eanes en Camp Craft Road, número 601, Austin, Texas 78746.  En la red: ( / o al llamar al número de teléfono 512-732-9011.


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