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Westlake High School Entrepreneurship & Enterprise

Incubatoredu blends entrepreneurship lessons with an experiential approach to traditional business subjects.

The Beau Ross Business Incubator Classroom

Beau RossThe Board of Trustees on June 20, 2017 voted unanimously to name the Westlake High School Business Incubator Classroom "The Beau Ross Business Incubator Classroom" in honor of former Board Member and Community Leader Beau Ross.

Inaugural Pitch Night Results

Congratulations to all teams that participated in our Inaugural Pitch Night on May 19, 2017. Food Squared received $5,000 and High Five Protection received $2,500 from the Westlake Innovation Funds. Food Squared will be competing at the INCubatoredu National Pitch in Chicago, Illinois on July 19, 2017.

Food Squared
Food Squared
To Parents who need quick and healthy children's lunches, Food Squared is the school lunch service that provides customizable, tasty, and wholesome meals because everyone deserves a nutritious lunch.

Students (listed in alpha order): Raden Bowerman, Hunter Gomez, Bayley Shipley, Luisa Vargas, and Jenna Vasek

Mentor: Darren Trumeter

High Five Protection
High Five Protections
To female runners who need to feel safer while running, High Five Protection is the only personal protection device that delivers protection and comfort all the time because no one should ever have to trade peace of mind for convenience.

Students (listed in alpha order): Caleb Feste, Mathew Gense, Ely Knaupe, JT Natenstedt, and Barry Sun

Mentor: Mitch Johnson

A special Thank You to our panel of judges for Pitch Night: Clint Bybee, Doreen Lorenzo, Jan Ryan, Kim Voss and Michael Blue.

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Funded by private dollars, the WBI would like to thank the following:

Board of Advisors
Clint Bybee, ARCH Venture Partners
Adam Chibib, Silverton Partners
Mike Frost, GPB Capital Holdings, LLC
Mitch Jacobson, ATI Clean Energy Incubator
Jeff Newberg, Endeavor Real Estate Group

Program Sponsors
Founders - $25,000
Clint and Christie Bybee
Adam and Jeannette Chibib
Mike and Terri Frost
Lexus of Austin Vicki Roberts
Beau and Kathryn Ross

Partners - $10,000
Surangi and Dilum Chandrasoma

Supporters - $5000
Amy and John Porter - AffiniPay
Rod and Meg Favaron
Tom and Shelly Rogers - StarVista Capital
Brian and Margo Sbrocco
Srinivasan Family - LiveOak Venture Partners

Friends - $1000-$2500
Patrick and Gillian Burns
John and Rhonda Dirvin
Mitch and Janna Jacobson
Jeff and Valerie Newberg

Classroom & Technology Underwriters
LifeSize, Inc.
Shelton Keller Group

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